White Christmas

Ever since Mr. Grump and I met, we have been making the same trip every year for the Christmas holiday.  No matter where we have been, we have packed all of our gifts in the trunk of the car and traveled to the Columbus, Ohio area.  My brother lives about 30 minutes northwest of Columbus, and my sister-in-law lives about 30 minutes southeast of Columbus.   Since there were fewer of us than there were of our relatives, we’ve seen the logic that it makes more sense for us to go to them than it does for them to come to us.

Until this year, there have only been two exceptions for our winter trip.  When Little Grump was one, we lived in Akron.  We thought it would be good to spend Christmas morning at our house.   Unfortunately, that meant that less than a half hour after opening gifts, we had to be in the car and ready to leave for Christmas dinner at my sister-in-law’s house.  The only other time that we missed Christmas in central Ohio was a few years back when the weather turned really bad the day we set out.  We spent seventeen hours on the road and went from our house to… our house!  About a half-hour south of Little Rock, the highway turned into an ice skating rink.  It took hours to travel from one exit to the next a mile later.  So we turned around and went home.  (It turned out to be a good thing.  An ice storm hit the Columbus area and left my sister-in-law’s house without lights or heat for days!)

We haven’t minded that much.  We love seeing the family.  And we love having a white Christmas.  Typically, if it’s not snowing when we get there, it’s snowing sometime during our trip.  This gives Mr. Grump, Little Grump, and I just enough of the snow for us to remember why we like living in Texas!

Alas, we won’t make it this year either.  Mr. Grump has been working on a project that is at a critical stage.  Bugs were popping up left and right, and his management wanted everyone on call just in case someone’s expertise was needed to track down a problem.  While he would have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off work, the travel days were gone.

We’re going to miss the family, but we won’t be missing our white Christmas.  It started snowing this morning at about 10 AM, and it’s been snowing off and on since!

Christmas Eve Day 2009

Christmas Eve Day 2009

Happy Christmas!  Drive safe!

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