My needles hate me!

I really thought that I would start out the new year by finishing a project within the first two days.   That’s not going to happen.

A few months back, KnitPicks announced the new KnitPicks Zephyr tips for their interchangable needle set. KnitPicks bills these as “lightweight and slightly flexible.”  Since I suffer from a bit of carpal tunnel from time to time, I thought that this would be really great.  So I ordered the tips in two sizes.   I was surprised when they arrived because they were clear and looked like they would snap if you breathed on them a little too hard.  So I tucked them away until I had a project that needed the size that I purchased.

When I looked at the pattern for Susie’s Reading Mitts, I was delighted to see that I could use the Zephyr tips.  Besides, I thought, it would pretty much guarantee that I’d loosen up the killer death grip with which I normally hold my needles.

For a while, everything seemed to be going well.  I liked the feel of the needles, and I did hold them loosely.  But then today… Snap!  Crap!  One of the tips broke in the middle of the needle.  Some of my stitches dropped off the broken bits.  I cursed a little to myself and dug out another needle to rescue the lost stitches.

I then got out one of the KnitPicks Harmony Wood needle tips that I’d purchased as a test a few years back.  As luck would have it, or maybe because I plan things subconsciously, I’d bought the same size needle tips to test for the Zephyrs as I did for the Harmony needles.  I’d tried the Harmony Wood tips but didn’t use them for a full project because I’d heard and seen that the wood tips pulled out of the metal join for the cable connection far too easily.  However, I thought it would be a good idea to use them to replace the Zephyr tip because I’d still have to be delicate with it.

Two rows later, I realized that I’d somehow missed one.  So I used my handy-dandy crochet hook to catch the wayward stitch and bring it back with the rest.

About three rows later, the Harmony Wood tip fell apart.  Just as I’d seen happen with a couple ladies in my knitting groups, the tip pulled out leaving almost 20 stitches orphaned without a needle or cable.

More cursing ensued, this time not as quietly as before.  Fortunately, Little Grump was out of the room.  Mr. Grump was not!

So I had to rescue even more stitches.  Again, I missed one.

This time, I’ve replaced the broken needle with one of the original Options needles.  Mr. Grump was boggled that I have so many needles!  It’s a good thing though.  Otherwise, I’d have to wait for reinforcements to arrive!

Readers Mitt disaster

Broken needles galore

I still might finish the mitts before vacation ends, but I doubt it.  I fear that my needle issues are just beginning!

2 thoughts on “My needles hate me!

  1. Batty

    Wow, what a crummy needle experience! I didn’t buy any of the Zephyrs because I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up. I guess here’s my answer. And I’m sorry about the Harmony issue… ugh.

    The mitts look lovely, though. Great color.

  2. Kate G.

    Ms. Grump, I had no idea Little Grump’s reading mitts came at such a price. That makes this pair (of mitts, not needles) doubly wonderful. Rest in pieces, Zephyrs.

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