Life is funny.

Life is funny the way it works out sometimes.

I remember back to the time after 9/11 when both Mr. Grump and I were laid off within about a month of each other.  We never saw it coming!  No amount of planning could have helped.  One day, we were a couple making a combined salary well into the six figures, and then… Poof!  Three weeks later, our only income is whatever unpaid overtime we were owed.  Then a year went by as we pounded on one door after another while trying to find new employment.  And then one day, he got a job offer from a company to which he’d never sent his resume in a state neither one of us had ever considered as a potential home.

Life is funny.  Today was another example of God’s rather odd sense of humor.

This has been a rough week at work.  Ever since break, work has kicked my butt!

Recently, the district decided that it wanted to try out a new system for the teachers to request my help.  It’s a pain in the teachers’ necks, but I see it as a way of guaranteeing my job security.  (Heh… If the district sees half of what someone in my job position does in one day, they’d be hard-pressed to say that the school doesn’t need my services!)

Then we returned from break.  I’d asked the teachers and staff to unplug all computer equipment over break to save money and wear and tear on the equipment.  When we came back and started plugging things in, almost nothing worked the way that it did before.  Network printers started giving odd errors or not working at all.  Computers were able to connect to the network one minute but not the next and won’t reconnect until everything is powered off and then on again.  Even the phones stopped working like normal!  Teachers and students were not amused, to say the least.

So for the past two days, I’ve been running myself dizzy as I went from one corner of the school to the other to attempt to fix issues.  (The district’s new facility for reporting issues got quite the work-out!)  By the time the day was over, I was exhausted!  I finally left about 5:30 (after work, after Computer Club, and after touching base with a couple of the teachers about printing issues).  I was tired, and the only thing I wanted to do was eat a large dinner and then pass out on the couch.  To say that I felt battered and humbled would only begin to explain my mood.

But life is funny sometimes.

Little Grump and I got home.  She went in to take a shower.  I checked the voice mail before I surrendered to the big comfy couch.  And this is the message I received.

“Hello, this is [xxx’s office].  We just wanted to call to ask you to come by.   We have a  check for you here.  It’s really large.  We want to see you to hand it over because we don’t trust the mail with it.  Give us a call or come by.”

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  1. Mary Anne

    Life is funny and it can kick you in the butt. I’m glad things are working out for you this time around, even with all the work mix-ups. Good for you!

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