Who made this?

The commercials for Windows 7 show a bunch of people who proudly proclaimed that THEY made the new Windows 7 and that Windows 7 addresses all of their needs that weren’t addressed before.

Let’s forget for a second that some of their features were lifted right off Mac OS X features. Let’s forget that Windows 7 is still slow.

Instead, let’s talk about which yo-yo was responsible for the massively intelligent decision to make it so changing one’s desktop background is not a feature for the Windows 7 Starter Edition.

I kid you not!

My friend Kitty stopped by for a visit this weekend with her new HP Mini. Kitty is a genius in many things but she’s at the point in her life where she’d rather have a geek that enjoys playing with new toys deal with the issues associated with a brand new computer. So Kitty handed me the Mini and gave me a short list of the things that she wanted.

Windows 7 is similar enough to Windows XP that I had no problems with accessing the Internet, changing her home page, changing her default search engine and browser, etc.

Then I tried to change the desktop background. I went to IE, found an image that she loved, and selected “Change Desktop Background”. I minimized the windows to look at the background.

Instead of seeing her pretty picture, I saw the same boring Microsoft logo that was there before.

I did it again. Same thing.

I right-clicked on the desktop to get to the Desktop Properties. Alas, Microsoft has spirited those away and replaced them with “Gadgets”.

I searched the help in Windows 7. There wasn’t even a mention of changing backgrounds.

So I went to Google and quickly found the answer to the problem.

The Windows 7 Starter Edition does not allow the user to change the desktop background. In order to get that, you either have to upgrade to a higher version of Windows 7 or install an extra program. Not only that, Microsoft doesn’t even provide any alternatives to the boring logo. It won’t even allow selection of the pretty HP wallpaper that HP puts on the Mini.

So I want to know… Who made that particular feature? Who thought it was a great idea to nickel and dime people for a feature as simple as making one’s desktop pretty?

All I know is that I’m more happy than ever that I bought a Mac!

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