Shabby Sheep Retreat

This weekend, I took the opportunity to go to the Shabby Sheep retreat with my pal, Kitty.  We’d planned it months ago, and, deadlines or no, I was going to go!

The retreat was held at Our House in Milford.  We went there last fall for the “Christmas in July” retreat and had a blast.  Angie, the owner, and her mother, Ann, are absolute dears.  They cook and clean for us and generally make us feel like we’re at home.  The place is decorated with handmade quilts.  Kitty sent them a new addition… Some hand-stitched needlepoint pictures!

People ask me where this place is, and the truth is that I’m geographically impaired enough to not know for sure.  Kitty always drives, which leaves me the luxury of chatting and staring out the window.  So the best I can do is “Go South until you pass the big inflatable bugs, then go two exits past the exit with the Starship Enterprise.  Not very exact directions, but they work for Kitty!

To tell the truth, Our House in Milford is out in the middle of nowhere.  The first time we went there, everyone in our car was absolutely sure that we’d taken a wrong turn because we went into a little town with a stop sign and then crossed the road and meandered past some plastic covered houses, a cornfield, and a few cows before we saw the sign for the retreat.

But once you get there?  It’s a treat!

Rhonda from the Shabby Sheep was already there as were several other people.  We claimed a couple tables as our own and dropped our bags in our bedroom.  Then we kicked back our heels and relaxed for the rest of the weekend.  Everyone ooh-ed and ah-ed over the progress that I’d made on the Earth Maiden Shawl with Micki’s handspun.

Do I have enough yarn for another repeat?

A little later, my friend Angela showed up.  I was really happy about this as I knew that Kitty and Angela would hit it off fabulously!  We laughed and talked and knitted the rest of the night, and it was SO relaxing!

I’m an early riser, and Saturday morning was no exception.  The advantage of early mornings is the wonder of sights like this:
Our House in Milford

A sixteen year-old girl named Alanna was there for the retreat, and she’s an early riser too.  (She blames tutoring.  I blame brilliance!)  We watched the sun rise together.  One of the dogs from the farm down the road came up, and we petted the dog for a bit before going back inside.

At around ten, I started my first weaving class!  We used a little Cricket loom.  I used some yarn that I’d purchased years ago from the Woolie Ewe but had never used because, despite the fact that they all claimed to be from the same dye lot, they were vastly different in color.

First woven scarfTen hours (and two fabulous meals and more visiting with everyone else), I had completed my first weaving project!  The edges are a bit wobbly, and the weave isn’t 100% even, but it’s mine!  I used the lighter of the yarn for the warp and the darker of the skeins for the weft.  The result is a really nice plaid.  Interestingly enough, the ends of the scarf look like stripes.  I don’t know how it happened… It just did!  (I gave the left-over yarn to Kitty, who was sure she could make something cool from it.)

I think I’m smitten by the weaving bug!  I didn’t buy the Cricket loom though.  It didn’t make much sense to buy a loom that I’d likely quickly out-grow.

Sunday started out well, but quickly went downhill.  As I was photographing Kitty’s fabulous cabled coat, I somehow managed to drop my expensive camera.  I was (and still am) inconsolable about that.  It pretty much ruined my mood.

However, it did not stop me from signing up for the summer/fall retreat.  In fact, Kitty signed me up for an extra day!  So we will be returning to Our House in Milford in a few months!

2 thoughts on “Shabby Sheep Retreat

  1. Mary Anne

    Your earth maiden shawl is gorgeous and I love the woven shawl/scarf too. I’m sorry to hear about the demise of your camera – I’ve done the same thing and it is gut wrenching.

  2. batty

    Wow, beautiful shawl, and the woven scarf is fabulous too. I know what you mean about geographically impaired, though. I’m the same way. Lost in space.

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