Almost summer!

It’s been quite a while since I blogged.  It’s not that I don’t care about my blog.  Things have been SO busy!  There have been some days when I check in to work at about 7:15 AM and don’t get to go home and prop up my feet until about 9 PM.  (Whoever said that working in a school is “cake” because of “fixed hours” and “summers off” have never talked to anyone who really works in a school!)

I’ve still found some time to squeeze in some knitting projects.

I finished the hip bag that was supposed to be a birthday present for my art teacher pal.  I used the hand-dyed yellow that I talked about weeks ago and a couple other colors from my stash.  I tried two new techniques with this bag.

Fiber Trends Belt Pouch / PurseFirst, I did needle felting for the first time.  I’d had the supplies for ages, but didn’t get around to using them until now.  I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before, because it’s dead easy!  Just put the fiber down and poke, poke, poke, poke to your heart’s content!  I found it to be quite therapeutic.  On the day that I made the big needle-felted flower on the flap of the bag, I had a very frustrating day, and it felt very good to stab the bejeesus out of something!

I also did kumihimo weaving for the first time.  I’d seen a class of people doing it at the Shabby Sheep retreat, and I thought that it would be an awesome thing to do for a handle of a bag.  I ordered the supplies online and then set up the loom.  Much to my surprise, Little Grump grabbed the loom almost the second I put it down and started working on it.  So we ended up sharing the work on the 51″ handle!  The result was not quite as bright and “happy” as I really wanted, but I really wanted my friend to have the bag.  I figure that I can go back and make another handle for the bag later on, when I have a bit more time to offer.

baby blanket - blockedI also worked on a baby blanket for one of my co-workers.  I tried Cascade 220 Superwash for the first time, and I like it!  After washing, the blanket is soft and has just the slightest bit of a halo.

The pattern came from Jared Flood.  His patterns are always well written, and this one was no exception.  I would make one change if I do this pattern again, though.   The last stitch of the row is a kfb, which means that it’s not all that easy to smoothly pick up the stitches along the edge.  I didn’t do too great of a job because the end stitches were just oo tight.  While I don’t know if a non-knitter would notice, I do.

Still, the blanket is pretty, and I’m sure that the recipient will love it.  I’m relieved to have finished it before the baby is born and before the teacher has a chance to depart for the summer.  (I still haven’t been able to give the Equal Parts blanket to its intended recipient!)

There’s only a few more days of school, but I have a couple more weeks before I start summer break.  I’ll likely work beyond then though.  Little Grump needs to take some summer school, and I’ll go stir crazy after a few days of everyone being gone during the day.  Or not.  Maybe I’ll sit and knit and watch chick flicks all day!

One thought on “Almost summer!

  1. Batty

    Your needle felted project is so cute! It’s been described to me as dangerous to klutzes, but I sure like the results. Best admired from a distance, though, when you can’t get pizza out of the oven without burning your stomach, of all things… oops.

    The blanket is beautiful. That will be one warm, happy baby.

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