Inside the printer

2011.01.06 Inside the printer

I spent the day installing more hardware. This time, it was new printers. We didn’t get as many as we needed, but it was better than what we could have expected in the past.

The instructions that has been coming with the new equipment cracks me up. It’s obvious that the doc writers are either thinking, “How can I create the shortest documentation possible?” or “No one is going to read this anyway. I may as well create totally useless crap!”

In this case, I spent about 20 minutes fearing that I’d break the new printer if I yanked on this handle as hard as I needed to extract it from the printer. I finally gave up and yanked mightily (with my eyes closed the whole time).

I am happy to say that the printer lives. And, as the diagram indicated, I trashed the worthless documentation.

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