I’m still recovering from a nasty cold/flu bug.  I tried to go back to work, but the boss (aka Mama, when she’s being overprotective) sent me home.

On the way home, I picked up the stuff to make chicken and noodles.  My grandmother always said it was easy, and hers were always so fantastic.  Everyone in the family would look forward to family gatherings because we always knew that we’d be treated with a big pot of chicken and noodles.

Sadly, mine did not turn out like hers.  So disappointing.  They were so awful that they weren’t even worth photographing.

I really miss my Granny.

So I crawled under the quilt she made for my hubby and I for our wedding.  She always said that it wasn’t her best work, but I consider it our most precious wedding gift.  She was over 70 when she made it, so the fact that we have it at all is amazing.  And at times like these, I still feel her love.

01.25.2011 Granny's Quilt

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