01.29.2011 breakfast out

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times.  I’m a very lucky lady!  I have a teenager that still enjoys hanging out with her mom, especially if “hanging out” means breakfast out at one of her favorite restaurants.

This morning, we went to the Corner Bakery for brunch.  There’s nothing amazing about the place.  Reasonable food for reasonable prices.  Little Grump likes the American Scrambler (toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon).  I like the Anaheim Scrambler (eggs, bacon, avocado, tomatoes scrambled together with sides of toast and potatoes).

What we enjoy most about this place is that it’s quiet enough for us to chat.  This morning’s topic was books and the state of the world.  My daughter amazes me in her views of the world, and I’m relieved that, at least in that respect, I’ve succeeded as a parent.

After that, we went shoe shopping.  Like me, she sees little sense in having a different shoe for every day of the week.  However, she had reached the point where her favorite pair of shoes had to be replaced.  The shopping was a huge failure, but the trip was still worth it, if only for such an enjoyable breakfast!

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