Better comfort food!

Yesterday was rough.  Today wasn’t a whole lot better.  Before I even made it to lunch time, I was already looking forward spending the evening with my knitting pals.  They’re a great group, and they always manage to lift my spirits when the world gets to be a tad much.  (Hubby insists that it’s the fiber fumes, but I tend to disagree!)

Tonight a couple of us stopped for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho 95.  (My buddy Angele, who knows a great deal about things than I do, says that it’s pronounced “Fuh 95.”  I’ll take her word for it.)  This restaurant is fantastic!  The prices are reasonable and the food is incredibly good.  There isn’t tons of spice in the food… just lots of incredible flavors.  I had the Banh Mi Bo Kho, which is a beef stew of sorts with lemongrass and star anise.  It’s served with sprouts, lime, and basil that can be added to your liking.  It was amazing, as was the hot jasmine tea that smells as wonderful as it tastes.

The lights in the restaurant are really cool.  The next time I go, I’m taking my good camera, because the ones that I took with my iPhone just didn’t do the interior justice!

02.08.2011 Pho 95

With as good as the food was, the company was even better.  I was joined by my friends Angele and Karen.  Angele in particular always makes me laugh.  She’s the kind of person who tends to not concentrate too much on the nasty things in the world, and she helps everyone else take a step back from the craziness as well.

Good food and good friends… Now THAT is comfort!

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  1. Lynn

    I’ve eaten there, and I liked what I ate, and you ought to try Chop House Burgers on Park Row across from Arlington Hardware for an entirely different kind of foodie high. Tip: “sawdust pie”. Just sayin’.

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