Snow day again

We had another snow day again today.  The weather looked like it was going to be really wicked when school was called off, but by 11 AM, it was pretty obvious that the weather was clearing.

Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

So I stayed at home in the morning and watched the birds. We had some tiny little birds that were playing on our patio, and some big old grackles hanging out on the back fence.

02.09.2011 Grackle

I thought the birds were crazy for being out in the cold at all, but hey… They’re birds!  What do they know?

By one o’clock, I was looking out the window at the clean, dry streets and thinking about all of the work I could get done when there was no one there.  So I gave in and went to school.

I was, indeed, productive.  I didn’t get everything done, but I made a good dent in my pile!

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