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When I was a child, my family had several large photo albums filled with pictures.  When my parents separated, my mother kept the albums.  After that, I never saw them again.  From time to time, I asked various people about them. My mother said that my dad had them.  (I knew that he didn’t.  I lived in his house, after all!)   My dad said that my mother had them.  My brothers pointed fingers at each other and/or mom.  So with the exception of a few pictures, I have no photographic record of my childhood.

I’m a big photo buff, so for me, this has caused me much sadness.  The pictures were evidence of happy times with our family.  The lack of pictures just makes my childhood seem even more bleak than it was.

A little over a year ago, I joined Facebook to keep up with my brother and his family and with my husband’s family.  I was surprised to when my cousins asked to be my “friends” there too.  I suppose I shouldn’t have been because I lived with them for a time during my childhood, but I’d lost track of them as I moved from one state to another and then another. It was great to make the connection with them again!

A few months after I joined Facebook, I received a message from my cousin Mary Anne.  Her mother had passed away, and Mary Anne had found several of my grandmother’s photo albums in my aunt’s possessions.  Mary Anne wanted to know if I would like some photos out of the albums for my own collection.

I was thrilled!  A week later, I received an envelope filled with an odd assortment of photos.  There were pictures of my parents’ wedding, my childhood, my adult life, my daughter, and more.  A few months later, I received another envelope.  This contained even more gems, including a picture of my father as a boy.  This week, I received another.  Mary Anne says it’s probably the last because she has pulled everything that I would find relevant.  Again, there were more treats… Pictures of my Aunt Grace (I was named after her), my father as a boy, and my brothers.

Between the three packets, I think I have enough to piece together a nice little book of family pictures, not only for me but for my brothers as well.  Hopefully I’ll have some time to work on it this summer.  I want to scan the photos, clean them up, and put them into a digital scrapbooking program.  If I get it finished, it will be my a gift for my brothers.

I think they will enjoy the pictures as much as I have!

02.12.2011 Family Pictures

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