Making the change to Movable Type

I’ve been using Greymatter for a long time now, but I’ve decided it’s time to change. My biggest beef with Greymatter is that there isn’t a way to postdate entries or to slide entries into the queue after the fact. I’m not the kind of person who automatically runs to the site to type in stuff when it happens. Sometimes, I’ll leave posts on message boards and then think, “Gee… I shoud have added that to my blog.”

Until now, I’ve dealt with this limitation with a Greymatter hack. But after I moved web hosts and upgraded to the latest and greatest Greymatter, I found that the hack wasn’t recommended any more.

Major bummer.

So I decided to give Movable Type a try.

Setup wasn’t all that hard. Nor was importing my stuff from the two weblogs that I had running under different Greymatter installs. The biggest benefit of Movable Type (apart from the ability to edit dates on weblog entries) so far is that only one install is required. That means only one login is required. And easier upgrades!

From what I can tell, it’s not all that much different than Greymatter. I think I like the interface of Movable Type more. It’s more compact. I’m still tryng to figure out how to do some of the custom templates that I used to do with Greymatter, but I’ve little doubt that it’s here somewhere. Movable Type also seems to have a bunch of features that Greymatter doesn’t have. But for now, I don’t really see that I need those features.

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