Happy Birdie, Mrs. E.

03.06.2011 Happy Birdie!!!

Pardon what Little Grump calls a “lame pun”…

Today, my friend Mrs. E. (the art teacher) turns… Oh, we’ll not talk about that!

Instead, we’ll talk about the kind of person she is!  When I first met her, I thought that she might be a little gruff.  She wanted something NOW, and I wasn’t delivering fast enough.

Since then, I’ve realized that I was wrong.   It only took a couple hours in her classroom while she worked to realize it. What I saw as being “gruff” was really a excitement to do her job.  She will do anything to make sure that kids understand the value of art.  She will also do anything to reach kids that most people just give up on.  She helps kids who don’t succeed anywhere else see that, if they just try, they can create works of beauty.  It’s amazing seeing how a child who won’t respond or behave for any other teacher will just sit there quietly and work and work and work until they break open into a smile brighter than sunshine at what they’ve accomplished.

I wish that Mrs. E could see in herself what I do… what the kids do… what our co-workers do.  She’s a great person, with a generous heart and awesome amounts of creativity!  So I’ll celebrate today with a little silliness (because she likes it) and with much happiness!

One thought on “Happy Birdie, Mrs. E.

  1. Karen


    Thank you, I am blessed to have such a great friend…..looking forward to “Funky Finds”


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