For the past few years, I’ve been in love with my pod brewer. I had one at work that I shared with the art teacher, and I had one at home. I loved them both because I could always depend on a fresh cup of coffee made right every time.

A few months ago, the one at work died. After all of those cups of coffee, I can’t say that I blame it. Then, a few weeks later, mine at home started having problems. So I started looking around for a replacement pod brewer.

In my search, I started reading about Keurig brewers. I talked to a few people who had them, and they all loved them. Those people had never had pod brewers so they couldn’t really compare the results, but it was hard to ignore the favorable reviews.

At Christmas, I received a Wal-mart gift card, and when I logged in to my Wal-mart account to register it, I found that, with the new card and the ones already registered, I had over $125 in gift cards registered in my account.


The other day I decided to treat myself to a new brewer and spent my gift cards. Merry Christmas to me! I’m now the owner of a Keurig Elite brewer.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the coffee from it. The coffee tends to be a bit stronger than the coffee from the pod brewer. While some might not like that, it’s exactly the right strength for me. I also like that, once I fill the water reservoir, I can make four or five cups before I have to refill it.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the cups though. The cups keep everything really tidy, and I can go directly from hot chocolate to tea to coffee quickly and with very little cleaning or changing in between. I’m going to have to find a crafty use for the little plastic cups that hold the coffee though. (I really hate waste!)

In the meantime, the pods look mighty pretty in the drawer!

03.13.2011 K-cups

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