Art Rocks!

Little Grump is in the Art Club at her high school. She’s not the most active of members, but when her teacher asked the students to paint rocks, she quickly volunteered… her services and mine. (She’s likely one of the few 17 year-olds in the country who said, “I thought it would be something fun we could do together!” Yep… She knows how to get her mom to cooperate!)

One of my best pals is an art teacher, so of course, she got roped in too. (I think Little Grump has her number as well!) So we spent a couple enjoyable hours on Wednesday painting rocks.

It’s for a good cause! Proceeds go to the Art Club. With the way funding for schools is going these days, these rocks may be the only thing keeping the club in paint and canvas next year! The rocks will be for sale during the school’s art show at the Arlington Museum of Art. I’m not sure how much they’re going to cost, but whatever it costs, it will be worth it!

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