Hide the wool!

Tonight was knit night. I love knit night because it’s a little bit of fiber therapy to help me deal with the craziness of my job. (My dad always said that, if work wasn’t crazy or hard, it wouldn’t be called “work”!) On one hand, I didn’t think I’d go because I have so much work to do on the yearbook, but my pal Angele wanted to go to dinner. Who was I to leave a friend abandoned? đŸ˜€

So we went to Piranha Killer Sushi and then on to knitting. It was so great to see the ladies. For some reason, it seemed like it had been longer than a week since our last meeting. But I spent the evening laughing and, despite talking about some of the nuttiness, I still ended up totally enjoying myself.

Since it was so cold inside the coffee shop, we ended up sitting under the stars. We were able to knit for a while, but even the lights over the canopy weren’t enough to keep us going too late.

03.22.2011 Knitting on the patio

I came home at around 9:15 to see an unusual sight. A huge black caterpillar was crawling across my front step. (I’m not including the picture here because I don’t want to send the dear reader screaming into the night!) When I say “huge”, I’m not joking! Little Grump (forever bonding with nature) came out and scooped it up, and the thing was as big and long as her middle finger! Mr. Grump handed out the camera for a quick photo op, and then Little Grump set the caterpillar on its way.

I’ve done some investigation, and it seems to be a Giant Leopard Moth caterpillar. The caterpillars are active at night and appear in the Spring. I’ve never seen one before, but it’s pretty cool. Mr. Grump quipped that it was coming to our house to find the all-you-can-eat wool buffet.

He was joking, but ever since then, I’ve been fighting the urge to open all of my wool bags and shake the yarn out just in case. Does that make me paranoid?

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