Critter tales

Ever since Little Grump was a baby, she has had an insatiable curiosity about the world around her. I have a picture of her when she was one or so, standing in the middle of a big wide field, just taking in everything around her. I have another picture when she was three, scooping up flower petals and trying to figure out how they went on the plants.

When we moved to Texas, she alone was unafraid of the numerous amazingly large crawly critters that roamed our house. She patiently picked each one up, carried it outside, and set it free. When she was 12 or so, her teacher gave her a big garden spider, and Little Grump happily brought it home and “showed” it where to live above our front door. A few weeks later, we came home to find the spider dead on the front stoop and being munched on by a hoard of ants. “Cool!” she cried. “Circle of life!”

Last night, she delighted in my discovery of a huge caterpillar. She was so pleased to have seen something so different than anything she had seen before. She was also thrilled when others commented that she was “nuts” to have picked it up.

She got another treat today. One of my Computer Club kids brought in his pet snake. When Little Grump heard about it, she immediately wanted to see it up close and personal. She quickly achieved hero status to the girls in the group because she picked it up and allowed it to wrap itself around her hand!

03.23.2011 Snake!

That’s my kid! I keep telling her that she needs to be an ecologist or zookeeper or something like that. She says, “No… too much math and science.” I hope she changes her mind.

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  1. Lynn

    Giving her a big thumbs-up on that snake. I’m not much for the great outdoors, and I am not a pet person (hastening to add that I don’t dislike animals; I just don’t want to be responsible for any), but I was the only girl in my neighborhood who would handle the garter snake the boys caught. Have always liked Shel Silverstein’s “I’m Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor”. Great picture!

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