Pot and little balls

Today, my friend the Art teacher had a staff bonding experience after school.  She invited us to come into her room and make pots from small spheres (she says she can’t say “balls” around 9 year old boys!) and ropes of clay.

It was funny seeing everyone so far out of their element.  We had a few “gifted” folks who just plowed through the task.  We had a few who kept saying, “Well, you know I’m not very good at this” but kept working at it anyway.  (Kudos to them!  They’re excellent examples for our students!)  Most of us just worked and laughed for the majority of the time.

This year has been pretty stressful.  Budget cuts, testing, curriculum changes, new procedures and more have sent us all working like ducks.  Have you ever seen a duck on a lake?  They look really calm as they glide across the lake, but you KNOW that under the water, they’re paddling like mad!  We’re getting the job done, but gosh… It’s been hard work!

But this afternoon was nice.  It was calm and easy.  People were laughing and totally relaxed.  Kudos to my pal for a team-building exercise that actually helped the team dynamic!

By the time we left, we each had created something.  None of us are totally sure what it’s going to look like in the end.  I’ll consider it a success if my pot manages to not explode during firing!  I’m really looking forward to the next part of this exercise… glazing the pots!

03.24.2011 Little balls and pot

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