04.08.2011 Teacher/Staff Member of the Year Luncheon

Today was the Teacher of the Year and Staff Member of the Year luncheon. This year, I was the Staff Member of the Year! The tables were filled with “cootie catchers” that the 6th graders had done for the occasion. (One in this picture was from one of my Computer Club kids.) Note cards were scattered around for staff members to leave notes of thanks, and shelves displayed handmade cards from the 5th graders.

It was very humbling but very cool. I have such great respect for my co-workers. You would be hard-pressed to find any school staff that are as committed as this group is. They come in early, stay late, spend their own money for supplies, think creatively and smartly, and really go out of their way for the kids. It’s so weird to think that they think I deserve any attention, but they rolled out the decorations and lots of really awesome food!

I feel really special!

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