Computer Club – Week 4

Today we learned about Photoshop filters.

It seems like just yesterday when I first showed my dear child the filters in Photoshop, but it has really been a long time. So I forgot exactly how blown away she was when she clicked on one button and changed a photograph so drastically that it looked like one of the great masters had painted it by hand.

When the kids saw what happened with just one simple filter, there was a collective gasp of breath followed by loud cries of, “Cool!” After that, it was like watching kids in a candy shop as they tried to sample as many filters as possible. So much fun!

Once again, I was gobsmacked by one of the younger kids in the crew (different child than last week). She quickly figured out how to zap the background out of a picture and replace it with prisms and disco lights created with the gradiant tool. This is one of those times when I really wish that I could show the world what the kids do in the club, because it’s so amazing.

I really hope that I can keep some of these kids in the club for two more years, because I just know that we’re going to do some really tough projects. (Anyone know where I can get the money to purchase about a dozen robot set-ups?)

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