I got the good one!

When it comes to the kid lottery, I’ve hit the jackpot. I’m not sure where Little Grump gets it, but she’s extremely self-assured, smart, has a great sense of community and has an opinion on just about everything.

A few weeks ago, she told me that she had been nominated for the city’s Youth Service Leader award. She was surprised and walked away saying, “Good grief! There’s no way I can win!”

Well guess what? She won!

Today, she had a service project in the morning for Global Youth Services Day. She helped clean one of the city parks and run a charity walk. I participated in the walk (and will be very sore tomorrow for it) and then spent some time photographing the flowers. Here’s my favorite picture, which I figured I’d share for my favorite art teacher.

For Karen

Then we went to the lunch and awards ceremony.


She was amazed at the size of the trophy. (I think she was a bit mortified!) Her dad and I were glowing with pride. Inside, I was singing, “I got the good one!”

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