Whitney, the Malabrigo-Eating Monster

I love making toys. I worry about the day when Little Grump no longer wants me to make them for her. I’m safe for now though… She still asks for specific ones or wants to lay claim to every one that comes off my needles.

When the Rebecca Danger’s “Big Book of Knitted Monsters” came in, it took Little Grump approximately 5 minutes to request one. She loved “Hugo the Couch Monster.” Given all the time she spends on the couch, she thought that it was the most appropriate of the bunch.

So here’s her version:

Monster reunion

This one is made by a color of Malabrigo Worsted called “Pink Frost”. It’s an odd little color somewhere between pink, lavender, and gray. I bought the yarn at the Shabby Sheep ages ago, but the color was problematic for clothing items. When Little Grump picked the Couch Monster, I immediately thought of the color a sun-deprived potato might be and realized that the yarn had found its purpose.

Unfortunately, I realized about 2/3 of the way through that I wouldn’t have enough. I called The Shabby Sheep, but they were sold out. So I went looking online, and hurray! Eat, Sleep, Knit had some. Fortunately, the colors were very close to what I’d already been using!

This is one monster with character (aka big knitting errors). One leg is thicker than the other, one arm is lower than the other, and one eye is higher than the other. Even the belly button is a little lower than what I’d planned.

Fortunately, errors DO lead to character in knitted toys. Add a lopsided smile, and most casual observers wouldn’t notice the errors unless some dunderhead like me pointed them out.

Little Grump is over the moon about her. She named the monster Whitney after a Pokemon character. (Very appropriate for a couch potato, I think!) She loves all of the wonkiness and points out that it’s one of those cases where many wrongs makes it right.

I’m just happy she loves her!

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