Catching up

Over the holiday weekend, I was a bit of a bum. I took pictures, but I failed to post them here. What can I say? Even I need time away from the computer every now and then!

First up is Saturday’s picture…


That’s Deet the Desk Monster! I made him for my friend Kitty, who saw the picture for the monster months before the pattern book was released. She emphatically requested a sparkly pink monster with sparkly purple ears. So I found the most sparkly yarn I could find in the required colors and went to work.

Deet really is fabulous! I love how Deet always looks like it is frowning. Little Grump says it’s because it’s a boy monster who doesn’t understand why he’s pink.

Here’s Sunday’s picture…

Ornery Critters

Apparently little monkeys should NOT be allowed to hang out with young, naive monsters during times when candy is readily available. They dived into Little Grump’s Easter basket and made off with some of the candy!

Little Grump says that there will be repercussions!

I even have a bonus picture!

04.24.2011 Shelter from the storm

Last night, when the storms went through, Mr. Grump and I opened the front door to check out the hail. When we looked up, we saw this critter had taken shelter in our front porch. Call me ignorant, but I never knew that geckos had toenails until I saw this picture on my computer.

Last, here’s today’s picture…

04.25.2011 The Field

This field was a lush green until last week, when it started to turn gold. I wanted to get a picture of it in this state before it turns completely gold and the grain is harvested. I love that we have such a field near our house because it reminds me of growing up in a country town. I dread the day when this field is plowed under and covered with a strip mall as has happened with so much of the open land around here. Hopefully the farmer who owns it hangs on to it for a very long time!

One thought on “Catching up

  1. Mary Anne

    Deet the Desk Monster is adorable! I can see little monkey is going to be a barrel of mischief around the house.

    I didn’t know that was a gecko, nor that they had toenails – I learn something new every day.

    The field photo is beautiful and does give a ‘country’ feeling. I too hope it can stay around a very long time.

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