Finally! A good knitting class!

I spent the day with my friend Wendy and my monkey Scotty in a Lucy Neatby class on short rows.

05.01.2011 Lucy Neatby meets Scotty and Wendy

Neatby’s short row wizardry class was hands down the best class I’ve ever taken! For the first time ever, I managed to knit short rows that didn’t have sizable holes or weird bumps in them!

I love her to pieces for her sense of humor and clear teaching style. Neatby is quirky, to be sure, but I love that in a person. Even when I was handling my DPNs with all the grace of a one-handed sword juggler, she was kind and supportive. Her class was the most expensive that I ever took, but it was worth every penny. I’d gladly pay that price again!

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