The “simple” life

Working in a school was supposed to make life easier. I remembered that tonight as a listened to someone at fiber therapy group talking about an idjit co-worker who couldn’t handle that a woman knew more than he does.

In most cases, it is easier. At certain times of the year, it’s nuts. Spring is one of those times.

I’ve been swamped for the last few days with a special project. It HAD to be finished today, so I was focusing on it from sun-up to sundown since Friday.

The exception was last night when I took some time out to go to my daughter’s concert. I went to the concert, though I wasn’t able to post the picture for my picture of the day yesterday. I don’t want you to miss it though, so here it is:

05.09.2011 Concert

If you’re trying to find Little Grump, she’s that fuzzy figure somewhere in the middle.

It was a great concert though. It was the Senior’s last concert, and it made me dread next year when I will be one of those weepy parents who are sad that it will be their child’s last high school concert. I’m not going to think about that yet…

This morning, after a mostly sleepless night (I grabbed a few winks during the hour or so of video encoding for the DVD preparation), I was able to show the video. It wasn’t perfect, but it was well beyond what others expected. It made some of the most important viewers weep, so I’m happy with it!

Then my boss told me to go home. At 10 AM, I was done for the day! So I came home, had a late breakfast, and went to bed until 3.

Then I met some of my fiber friends for dinner and went to fiber therapy group. As always, these ladies make me smile. It felt great to know that I could have a relaxing evening and not dread the next day of work.

I suspect that will last until I see the mess that is my desk. I have to groan just thinking about it!

One of the ladies found this little guy in her bag.

05.10.2011 Lamby Love

Isn’t it amazing what people find in their knitting bags?

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