Other Duties as Assigned

I think I’ve mentioned before that my job can be rather random. My official role is to take care of the computers and the people who use them in an elementary school. Unofficially, I fill in many of the holes in staffing that aren’t covered by other employees. My job description has a responsibility called “other duties as assigned”, and anyone who isn’t willing to do anything (and I do mean ANYTHING!) that they are asked to do should never accept a job like mine! In my time at the school, I’ve done everything from fixing a car (someone’s horn was stuck), dug a car out of a snow drift, bought earthworms at a bait shop, sat with a starving dog until animal control showed up, and quite a few other things that one would never associate with working in a school.

Some days, “other duties as assigned” outnumber the amount of computer work that I do. Today was one of those days.

The day started out with me being the photographer for some prince and princesses. We had a “golden ticket” fundraiser where the kids who found the tickets got to dress up as royalty and be treated as such.

At lunch, I went out to buy props for the school musical. I needed tails for mice, so I decided to go to Lowes and buy some black rope. I was thrilled when the sales associate offered to cut them for me.

05.17.2011 Lowes Service

Things were going well, with “mouse tails” piling up at his feet, when his manager came up and said, “You told her that we charge $1 per cut for every cut after the second.”

The associate and I just gawked at her and waited for her to say, “Ha! Just joking!”

But she wasn’t. She was dead serious! The sales associate said, “No, I didn’t.”

I told her that I could never afford to pay that much. They were costume pieces for an elementary school musical!

The manager proceeded to grouse at the sales associate. He looked at the manager in disbelief and said, “Hey, I didn’t even know we did that. It’s ROPE! It doesn’t take that long to cut it!”

The manager went into a rant about how, without the fee, the company would go broke due to the number of people who want a large sheet of plywood cut in 5 inch pieces.

The sales associate and I goggled.

The manager stopped ranting long enough to see the pile of 18-20 inch pieces of rope on the floor. I wasn’t going to pay extra to get it, and she knew it. So she finally conceded that they’d just ignore the fee “this time” and then walked away.

As soon as she was out of earshot, the associate said, “Oops… I cut one too many. I won’t charge you for that either.”

I want to make this guy cookies!

Then I went to JoAnns to buy feathers for headpieces. I wandered around the store and stopped here and there to take pictures of feathers to send to the play director. I picked up a few things and then checked out. Then I realized… Oh my Lord! I’d lost my car keys!

It took me quite a bit of time, but I found them… In a bin of feathers!

I spent the rest of the day working on things for the school play and helping out with the dress rehearsal. There wasn’t a computer in sight!

It was a good day though. In the few hours I had to devote to computer issues, I got quite a bit done. In the rest of the time, I helped a whole bunch of other people.

One thought on “Other Duties as Assigned

  1. Min

    You’re nicer than I am. I’d have told her I was leaving and coming back with a van full of grammar school children who would each be running amok through the store before purchasing exactly TWO lengths of rope.

    And I’m glad you found your car keys! That’s such an awful feeling!

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