Graduation Party

05.21.2011 Matt

Today Little Grump and I went to a graduation party for her friend Matt.

I actually met Matt before she did. I was volunteering in the school library, and he was a voracious reader who was unhappy with the books that were available in the library for a kid with his reading ability. He would come into the library, look around for anything even remotely interesting, and eventually settle for a book that he clearly didn’t really want.

Seeing the way he looked when he found a book that did challenge and excite him made me want to see if we could get more higher level books added to the school library. I worked with the librarian at the time to start building up the Redwall series. He was so thrilled, and he came back week after week to get the next installment.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that Little Grump became friends with him. Since then, they’ve become more like brother and sister than just friends. Matt’s mom, who tutored at the school back when he was a student there, eventually got her teaching certification and started teaching full time with us. So Matt and Little Grump had time to joke around quite a bit. Now they’re like brother and sister almost!

It’s hard to believe that Matt is graduating this year. Or that Little Grump will be graduating next year! Time flies!

God help me!

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