This morning, I got up to go work at the school for a few hours. I’ve been trying to get inventory done since January, but I’d really just started. Unfortunately, there was no A/C on in the school, so I spent the morning sweating like crazy. By the time I finished at noon, I had a few rooms to do yet but the battery on my laptop had run out. I was also seriously dehydrated!

So I came home, drank lots of water, took a shower, and napped for a couple hours. I so needed it!

It has been a lazy afternoon since.

05.22.2011 Ceiling fan

At some point, I checked on the status of the iPad that Mr. Grump ordered for me for Mother’s Day.

Where's my iPad?

I love that the status was updated tomorrow!

Then I used Google Earth to figure out how to get from there to here.

Google Earth

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