Another school year done

It’s hard to believe it, but another school year is over.

06.03.2011 Graduation DayThe sixth grade graduation and end of year parties were yesterday.  It was the typical bittersweet ending.  There are some kids that I really hate to see go.  My Computer Club kids in particular tug at my heart as they go out the door. I joke that (I’ve finally gotten them to the point where they’re useful and now they have the nerve to leave me!  In all seriousness, though, I will miss them.

One child in particular has adored me since his older brother started in my Computer Club five years ago.  He is extraordinarily bright.  When I met him, he was arrogant to the point of rudeness.  I’ve talked to him repeatedly about the difference between a “know it all” and “a person who knows everything”.  He is much more humble now and much more able to offer his help without expecting people to thinking he’s God because he can help.  Today, he kept randomly showing up to get “one last hug”.

Another of the kids has been getting in lots of trouble lately.  No one understands why but we suspect that he’s trying to get kids to think he’s cool.  When he was called up to the stage to collect a Presidential award for excellence, I met his eyes and said, “This is who you REALLY are.  Don’t try to be anything else.”  For the first time in weeks, I think he listened.  At least I hope he did.

Then there’s the parents too. As I bid good-bye to the students, I also said good-bye to parents who have shared their children with me for the past six years.  Those are the hard ones, because it reduces the chance that I’ll ever know what happens with them after they leave.

Such is the life of anyone who works in a school.  The kids come, we get attached, and then they leave.  Fortunately, their places are filled with even more kids.  I had several kids ask me when Computer Club would start next year.  So the cycle goes on.

I went home yesterday bone tired.  I fought sleep until about 9:30 and then went to bed.  I was that tired!

Because we had so much snow over the winter, we had to make up a day today.  (Yes, I know it’s Saturday… Don’t get me started!)  I was greeted by the chalk drawings that the second graders left behind after yesterday’s parties:

06.04.2011 After the kids go home

Is it weird that I miss the kids already?

I have one more week to go before I’m done for the summer.  I will spend the next week cleaning labs, storing equipment, moving equipment around, and getting prepared for next year.  I doubt I’ll be totally done though.  (It’s a myth that teachers get the summer off.  They may not go in to the building, but the work never really ends!)


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